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I just wanted to send you an educational video on the difference between fiat currency and commodity-backed currency. Of course, fiat currency is what we have now with the U.S. dollar. Typically, fiat currencies don’t last any longer than 27 years. The U.S. dollar has been backed by nothing for over 30 years. It is only through the efforts of the Federal Reserve Bank that the U.S. dollar has lasted this long. How much longer it will last is anyone’s guess.

I don’t want to scare anyone or give you any kind of doomsday scenario. But I don’t think it takes rocket science to know that the U.S. economy is in trouble. I don’t know if the U.S. dollar will crash. I certainly hope it doesn’t. But because there is a huge doubt as to what the future holds, I would hope you would make that doubt the motivator to begin saving some of your money in gold.

Please watch the 8-minute YouTube video titled, “Commodity Money vs. Fiat Money” from Kahn Academy. The link is directly below this message. Then, take action by setting up your free account with Karatbars International. The link at the very bottom will take you to my Karatbars affiliate page which will explain everything to you. Thank you for reading this.



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