Will the U.S. dollar eventually crash? Top economists are predicting it will, but no one knows exactly when. I believe most people agree that something drastic is about to happen and it may be sooner than anyone thinks. Instead of looking at purchasing gold as an investment, I look at it as insurance. Insurance that in case the dollar crashes, people will have something to fall back on. Karatbars International is growing. Already many businesses are accepting Karatbars in exchange for goods and services. Additionally, Karatbars ATM machines are cropping up in various locations. Many people have said to me that even if one has gold, it’s impossible to actually buy anything with it. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Please take the time to view the You Tube video about Karatbars and the advantages of becoming an affiliate. It’s approximately 13 minutes long. The link appears below. Please click on the link on the very bottom of the page to join Karatbars as an affiliate or a customer and join the thousands of people who have discovered how easy it is to exchange your dollars for gold.

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