The definition of fiat currency given by Google is as follows: “Fiat currency is legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it. The U.S. dollar is fiat money. It is backed by nothing, as are the euro and many other major world currencies. This approach differs from money whose value is underpinned by some physical good such as gold or silver, called commodity money.” If we look at fiat money historically, its background is tainted with failure. From the Roman denarius to various forms of Chinese fiat currency to the present-day U.S. dollar, all have eventually failed. They typically last for about 27 years, but the Federal Reserve Bank has been able, so far, to manipulate the currency, keeping it artificially strong for many years beyond the usual 27.

For decades, the Federal Reserve Bank has printed more and more U.S. dollars and placed them into circulation and each time this happens, the dollar is devaluated. Have you noticed you can’t even buy a candy bar with a dollar anymore? A cup of coffee generally costs 2 dollars or more. It’s not because commodities are becoming more expensive. It’s because the U.S. dollar is losing its value. Right now, it is essentially worthless. The only thing that gives it value is the faith people have in it and that faith is waning.

Get a storage of gold now, while the prices are stable and do it just one gram at a time. I hope and pray that the U.S. dollar does not crash, but if it does, be prepared by owning at least a small amount of gold with which to buy necessities.

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